Golnaz Shariatzadeh

Golnaz shariatzadeh

    My next work fabric of wailing flowers for violin, clarinet, flute, fixed media and experimental animation is a large-scale fantasy inspired by the current revolution in Iran. It begins inside an architecture made of skin and flesh. Standing upright from people’s pain and sacrifice, the architecture is a perpetual machine that turns the pain into ethereal spaces that reveals. this work will be performed by Collective Lovemusic on April 29th 2023 at Harvard University.




    mouth, sweat, engine. bodies left behind. for saxophone, tape and experimental animation commissioned by MATA Presents is the part 2 of fabric of wailing flowers. 
It will be performed by Thomas Giles in Fall 2023.

 postponed- for experimental animation and music focuses on the image of a nostalgic  fabric, distinct by its persian   visual patterns. It folds and unfolds to create a space  wrapped around creatures whose voluminous bodies feed off of these fabrics. It is a  world in which these bodies survive by being attached to these fabrics of memories,  language    and nostalgia through luminous and glowing transparent pipes- feeding off of  them like monsters.
 These spaces are the cords between the creatures and the nostalgic fabrics. These  creatures maintain their lives through these pipes, turning these visual symbols to mere  surfaces, devoiding them from their meanings and significance.
 The music is the sound of these transparent pipes which I call the engines. The trio  consists of low, ethereal sounds incorporating fragmented microtonal melodies from  persian music. Above the low perpetual wall is the shimmering multiphonics of double  bass and clarinet