Golnaz Shariatzadeh

Golnaz shariatzadeh

Drawings are available in both prints and original.
different sizes are available upon request.

   “frame”.   6 * 6 inch.  40 $

Birds 2022
ink and print on paper

Birds laments memory’s transformation into an image without its essence.
Memory has become a symbol, an icon or an image that can be multiplied.

remember in the city i blew up 2022
ink, gouache and print on paper

Bibi 2020
ink, gouache and print on paper

Bibi is dedicated to my grandmother. She is standing in one of her rooms in her house. She has always had an
intense attachment to spaces from her past, her house and wher she belonged. The room surrounding her and
growing become inescapable. Theirreflections like a transparent curtain, distorting the world with a pleasant melancholy.

act of forgetting 2022
ink on paper

our encounter has already been sublime in another world 2022
ink on paper

movement towards loss 2022