Golnaz Shariatzadeh

Golnaz shariatzadeh


MOM premiered by Broken Frames Syndicate, Harvard University. listen/watch the full piece ---> here


Fabric of sorrow premiered in Fall 2023 at festivals such as Gaudeamus, Warsaw Autumn, Huddersfield Contemporary music festival, MATA festival and Wien Modern.

fabric of sorrow. NADAR Ensemble @DE SIGNAL

fabric of sorrow. NADAR Ensemble @Warsaw Festival

fabric of sorrow. NADAR Ensemble @DE SIGNAL

fabric of sorrow. NADAR Ensemble @DE SIGNAL

fabric of sorrow for sax and electronics. Thomas Giles @National Sawdust

fabric of sorrow for sax and electronics. Thomas Giles @National Sawdust

fabric of sorrow for sax and electronics. Thomas Giles @National Sawdust



fabric of sorrow

My latest work fabric of sorrow for ensemble and experimental animation will be premiered by NAMES ensemble in Wien ModernToihaus Theater, and Innsbruck, Austria.
An adaptation of this work will be also performed by NADAR ensemble at Gadeamus festivalWarsaw Autumn Festival, and Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival.

fabric of sorrow is dedicated to those who have lost their lives in the ongoing Iranian revolution.

more about fabric of sorrow-->





My autobiographical work Animal for ensemble and animation. Animal takes on a visceral journey through a transitional space.
This space that can be as horrifying as it is alluring and mysterious is a room in flux.




        stills from Animal
        premiered by Ensemble Recherche at Harvard University.

for for flute, bass clarinet, piano, violin, cello and electric guitar

premiered by Nadar ensemble, spring 2022

concrete and bones of another

I can't resist the body, a machine with its cogs and wires and patterns, whic revolts against itself, devours itself, but can never resist the natural force of its parts and falls again and again into the pattern. the need to destroy is the desire to move against the system and to destroy itself, to be impossible, undone, to escape and to revolt is to have hope for a different beginning, a change of  pattern   and all that could be before the beginning. and with it, comes the melancholy of the impossible-of something that could only be imagined. and as a result, the joy of hearing the concrete crumple, melt or move to the threshold of breaking while the machine           thrives to function.

for violin, cello and tape  

premiered by Ensemble Musikfabri, spring 2022



#48660 is inspired by the texture of voile, a sheer transparent fabric in plain weave with tightly twisted yarns which often has a stiff finish.

for 3 percussion instruments, transducers and tape
premiered by line upon line, fall 2021


Dermatome is a surgical instrument   used to produce slices of skin from a donor in order to make skin grafts.While writing this piece, I have been thinking of a sense of fear, unease and desire when looking at certain images of cluster of holes. While looking at these clusters, I feel my skin as the most vulnerable, a feeling between abjection and desire, as if on the verge of disintegrating.

for clarinet, double bass and tape 
premiered by Madison Greenstone
and Kathryn Schulmeister
, fall 2021

in the landscape of my dreams landed two voices, unfulfilled

a machine dream, its parts like organs unified, knowing where to land, when to erupt, when to suppress but always unfulfilled and cautious.


moon that sank|wet grass

from a dream.

for voice, bass clarinet and percussion
premiered by TAK Ensemble

Machine Euphoria

for solo oboe

Machine euphoria is inspired by a dream I had about a massive engine in the middle of a desert. This engine was made of shiny metals with strange fleshlike textures. I knew that it transformed the sun's energy to extreme emotions, the only way that the engine would continue operating.

premiered by Peter Veale as part of
collaboration with Elision ensemble

for 2 violins, cello and clarinet

premiered by Schallfeld ensemble



for flute, bassclarinet and percussion
premiered by WasteLand ensemble

Broken Periphery

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